CANDID, TRUE STORIES by modern women who each have something vibrant, powerful, and profound to share. Inspiring Women Today offers inspiration, empowerment, and hope, thanks to the courage of the authors. This book will become an indispensable source of inspiration you will always want to keep and share. With a foreword by New York Times bestselling author Kris Radish (Volume 1)

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About the Book

LOOKING FOR HOPE, comfort, strength, inspiration? Know someone who could use a little or a lot? They're in each of these sixteen true stories told by real women, in their own voices, in Inspiring Women Today Volume 1.

From Florida to Australia, Cambodia, and Africa, these are CEOs, authors, speakers, leaders, veterans, and all authentic women we might pass on the street or know personally. They survive the loss of children, cancer, poverty, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, deep grief, and even being abandoned with kids in a foreign country.

They conquer fear, poverty, and addiction. They overcome family, marital, and health problems, and challenges with learning and bullying. They fall down and get back up, and risk everything to become whole as they honor the true callings of their own hearts. They fight for themselves, for their children, and at times for complete strangers. Their journeys will inspire you.

And they become advocates for what they learn, whether it’s courage, faith, personal branding, entrepreneurial success, natural health, or simply survival and happiness. As NYT best-selling author Kris Radish says in her foreword, “Knowing you are not alone during a tough time can help save your life and these stories, these brave and wonderful women, these sharing hearts, will help you find your own strength to move forward.”

This book ends with—against all odds—climbing the highest mountains, spreading happiness, and beautiful clarity. Life is an adventure. Find the right woman’s story for your life right now, or share this collection with someone you care about with a gift of love, hope, and inspiration today.


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Hear From Our Happy Tribe : )

A beautiful collection! This book was definitely compiled by someone who loves women and has a tuned eye and ear for beautiful stories and profound lives. The book is a delight to read. Each story weaves a picture of the life in the feminine experience and the result is gorgeous. The book itself is beautiful - the cover is captivating and the inside was also done with so much good taste. It was a pleasure to read and look forward to the other volumes. ~ JOY

Inspirational for sure! I am inspired by the women in the stories, in every sense of the word. This is an excellent compilation of stories uniquely written by each woman, detailing her arrival at success. I recommend to all young women and men that they find an eye to read and enjoy this. ~ Cherie

Best Gift I ever Received! I was given this book as a gift and I have to say that it had me on an emotional roller coaster throughout the entire book! I could 'see' myself in so many of these inspiring women's stories. I believe that we lift each other up and foster inspiration to motivate each other to become the best versions of ourselves. The journey of each of the women in the book is exactly what I needed to read in my present moment. Therefore, this book is a gift and will speak to whomever is blessed enough to read it. Brilliant! ~ Elizabeth

Every man should read this book! I've always appreciated the women in my life. I also have the privilege of having three daughters. The inspiring stories of the women in this book made me think, reflect, and appreciate the power of women. The fact that this book was put together by a man makes me appreciate who Rodney Miles Taber really is. This is a great book, Inspiring Women, and now a better educated man (me)! ~ Stephen

TRULY INSPIRING!! I cannot begin to express what this book has sparked in me. I have been struggling for longer than I am comfortable admitting...even to myself. What an AMAZING collaboration! Each of these women have a unique story...and yet somehow, I can relate to all of them! A MUST READ...AND A MUST GIFT! Trust me you will not be sorry! ~ Jennifer

The stories are so relatable and inspirational! I bought this for my wife, a small business owner. It was great to hear her relate to the stories in the book and the women who lived through them. Every time she reads this I can see the new strength and inspiration in her eyes. Might be the best book I've ever gotten her. ~ Lloyd

Refreshing and Uplifting Read. A wonderfully honest and refreshingly real collection of life stories, as told by the amazing people who lived them. It makes me proud to be among those who call themselves women! ~ J. Rob

Beautiful and inspiring! The stories in this book are so powerful and inspiring.

The stories are in the first person describing situations either personal, working-related etc. in which women have experienced discrimination, or grief over a lost one or struggles and so on.

I couldn't help but notice that in all stories there was a direct or indirect gender inequality that the women have experienced.

I believe there is not a single woman in this world who has not been discriminated at least once in her life, simply for being a woman.

I was amazed by the strength of those women and how positive they are chosen to be after each incident.

It was interesting to see that in the description note before every story all women are motivational speakers and successful career women, which I think this is what influence and motivation should be all about, especially for young women nowadays.

Exceptional collection, totally recommend!! ~ E.L.

A great gift to yourself! When people decide to make themselves vulnerable in telling their stories, it’s a brave, selfless step. The women interviewed in this book have done exactly that, and in doing so, show how strong they are, and have an honest desire to empower us, too, through their life experiences. Their stories weren’t always easy to read, but the positivity and determination running through them all I found truly inspiring and heartwarming. Thank you, for sharing with us. ~ Elsa

Life Changing. The stories in this book are so powerful and can be life-changing. Kicking you out of your self induced stupor as a young woman taking life for granted and mourning about everything in our rich western democracies. After reading about some of these incredible stories I am seeking help and actively looking for work again.

"No Poverty is a long term goal that can be realized" this is one of the writers Stella Semakula an orphan brought up in poverty but against all odds has managed to succeed and is now doing so much to enlighten and bring women out of poverty in her community in a tiny East African country of Uganda.

I couldn't help but notice that in all stories there was a direct or indirect gender inequality that the women have experienced.

I was amazed by the strength of those women and how positive they are after each incident - be it neglect, abuse, or just gender disadvantage. ~ Alysia

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RODNEY MILES TABER is a publisher of non-fiction works that are driven by purpose and passion. As a ghostwriter, author, editor, book and cover designer over the last decade, he now brings his skills to focus on projects designed to benefit both author and reader, as evidenced in the launch of the new series, "Inspiring Women Today." He lives in Cape Canaveral, Florida, with his wife and daughter.

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